Services included in the package

What is MultiLife?

MultiLife is a guide to balanced living and harmonious development. Services in 4 areas, anytime and anywhere. Check it out!

Health and body

Work out online with professional instructors, create your own diet and get an expert opinion.

Mind and soul

Read e-books, listen to audiobooks, learn foreign languages and join the "Mindfulness for stress reduction" meditation course.


Get access to more than ten services focused around 4 key areas: mental well-being, exercise & health, nutrition, and personal development. Choose your own development path and go all out on taking care of yourself! The Program is financed from the company’s current assets.

Services available under the MultiLife Program include:

  • Leanovatica professional and personal development courses
  • Basic health screening package at LUX MED
  • Consultations with a psychologist
  • Mindfulness course
  • E-books from Legimi
  • Diet Creator
  • Consultations with a dietician and a trainer
  • Online workouts on the Yes2Move platform and discounts at the store
  • Yoga course
  • English and German courses on the eTutor platform
  • City bikes

MultiLife Active&Relax

A program that combines services in the area of culture (e.g. cinema tickets), sport and recreation. Perfect for anyone who wants to take care of themselves in different areas of life. The Program can be financed from the Company Social Benefits Fund.

Services available under the MultiLife Active&Relax Program include:

  • Cinema tickets
  • E-books and audiobooks from Legimi
  • Online workouts on the Yes2Move platform and discounts at the store
  • Consultations with a trainer
  • Yoga course
  • Mindfulness course
  • City bikes

How to order MultiLife?

If you want to start using MultiLife services, just let your employer know about it.


Notify your employer

To order MultiLife, get in touch with the HR department in your workplace.


Receive a welcome email

You will receive a welcome e-mail with details about MultiLife and a link to set up your account.


Set up an account

Click the link in the e-mail and create an account with your MultiLife number.


Enjoy MultiLife!

All done! Discover the full range of MultiLife services and start enjoying a better lifestyle!

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