Unlimited access anywhere you are

It's always a good time to read! With MultiLife, you can enjoy your books anywhere you are; on your way to work, in a cafe or on your couch at home.

  • Unlimited access to all ebooks on Legimi.
  • The downloaded title comes in the form of an ebook and an audiobook.
  • Each downloaded title is yours forever.
  • You can play your titles on any mobile device in the Legimi app. Download it on the App Store or Google Play.

How to download a book?

Generate the code

Generate your code using the Generate code button and copy it. The code will also be saved in your Profile.

Browse titles

Go to the Legimi website, select and download an ebook using the code. Then click Next.

Log into Legimi

Download the Legimi mobile app to your smartphone or tablet and log in.

Start reading

Your book in the form of an ebook and audiobook will be waiting for you in the Legimi mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be online to read ebooks?
Can I read my ebooks on a Kindle?
What devices can I read the downloaded titles on?
Is access to ebooks free?