What is mindfulness?

Discover mindfulness training and learn how to let go of everything that gets in the way of your satisfaction with life. The main goals of meditation techniques are to reduce stress reactions, promote physical and psychological well-being, connect more consciously with yourself, and better understand the surrounding reality.

Benefits of mindfulness training

The course will gently introduce you to the basics of mindfulness techniques and support you in your regular mindfulness practice. The course consists of eight video lessons. The course has been developed by Aleksandra Łomzik, an experienced coach who credits meditation with helping her to make positive life-changing decisions.

  • You will learn to untangle yourself from your thoughts to understand them better.
  • You will open up to your emotions without judging them.
  • You will discover effective ways to rewire your automatic stress responses.
  • You will gain more self-confidence and overcome barriers keeping you from growing and enjoying life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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