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Consultations with a dietician

Get free advice and personalised diet tips to change your eating habits for the better.

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Diet creator

MultiLife Diet is more than 2000 recipes tailored to your lifestyle and your family.

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Food labels reading course

Learn to read food labels – buy and eat more consciously. Choose your food wisely and don’t be fooled by the manufacturers’ tricks.

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Main areas of MultiLife
MultiLife consists of four main areas where you will find specific courses, workshops and a broad range of services and mobile applications.
Consultations with a psychologist
Focusly - mindfulness app
GO ON - music app
Courses library
Preventive health check-ups
Telemedi - internal medicine doctor
Consultations with a trainer
Yes2Move - online exercises
NextBike - city bike
Courses library
MultiLife Diet - diet creator
Consultations with a dietician
Courses library
ESKK - language courses
Youniversity - professional and personal development courses
Legimi - e-books and audiobooks
Lerni - language courses
Consultations with a financial coach
Consultations with a language teacher
Courses library