Konsultacja z dietetykiem MultiDiet

Benefit from the support of experts

Do you feel that your current diet is not good for your body or health? Consult your plan of change with a nutritionist and personal trainer.


To help you swap bad eating habits for good ones.


To motivate you into working out to support your healthy diet.

Develop a taste for good reading

Reach for books on cooking and discover bestsellers about healthy eating. You can even listen to audio books while cooking!

Thousands of books at your fingertips

Be inspired to eat wisely! Draw your knowledge and inspiration from books every day.

Use the Diet Creator on a daily basis

Adjusting your meal plan to your taste and lifestyle is the key to permanent change in your daily diet.  

  • Be a health-conscious grocery shopper
  • Create a customized diet or rely on well-thought-out diet plans
  • Create a meal plan adjusted to your daily schedule
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