What do you gain by taking the course?

You will receive concrete knowledge to become an informed consumer. No label will have secrets from you anymore...

  • You will learn how to read and understand product compositions as well as know what exactly the puzzling letters “E” mean.
  • You will learn to trace the sugar hidden in products.
  • You will understand nutritional claims and how they can mislead you.
  • You will see how to choose really healthy products and not be fooled by the words on the packaging.

What does the course consist of?

The label reading course is a dose of practical knowledge that will help you start buying, cooking and eating even healthier. 

  • 10 video episodes.
  • Articles, regulations on nutritional standards and tasks to consolidate knowledge.
  • Lots of useful tips and ways of how to avoid pitfalls when choosing specific food products.

Take your nutrition to the next level

During the course, you will gain valuable knowledge directly from an experienced dietician to trace unnecessary sugar and preservatives hidden in the products you have chosen so far. By applying the principles you have learned, you will “cleanse” your kitchen of pseudo-healthy foods and fill it with what is best for your health!

Frequently asked questions

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How many lessons does the course include?
Is this course for me if I already have knowledge about healthy eating?
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