What are the benefits of conscious breathing?

By taking the course, you will understand the role of breathing as a tool to impact your nervous system. You will learn the techniques for optimal breathing that reduce stress levels, aid recovery during sleep, and support mental and physical health on a daily basis. You will also learn why the advice commonly given to people in stressful situations – “Take a deep breath!” – has no scientific basis.

Benefits of mindfulness training

The online course consists of two parts: Understanding breathing and Conscious breathing. Each lesson is an audio or video recording prepared by Dr Iwona Piątkowska (Buteyko Clinic International) – a certified instructor of breathing techniques based on the Buteyko method.

  • You will learn which symptoms indicate breathing pattern disorders.
  • You will discover how to train your breathing with exercises based on a scientific method.
  • You will understand how to use breathing as a stress reduction tool.
  • You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for regular practice.

Do the course at your own pace

Start with the first part of the course to understand the objectives and mechanisms of the exercises presented in the second part. For better results, perform breathing training optimally 3 times a week (20–30 min), and individual exercises even several times a day, wherever you have a moment to catch a healthy breath.

Frequently asked questions

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