Organize your thoughts, fight fear and take care of your comfort

If you feel hesitant before consulting a psychologist, don't worry, it's perfectly normal to feel that way. A conversation is the first step towards holistic health. See how you can benefit from a consultation with a psychologist:

  • Take control of your own thoughts.
  • Say goodbye to social anxiety.
  • Take care of private and professional relationships.
  • Relax and manage negative emotions.

What to expect from a psychologist?

The therapy is conducted by a certified psychologists. They have years of experience in psychoeducation and crisis intervention, work with patients to show them how to prevent stress and deal psychological support in emotional situations.

  • 50 minutes video call in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Professional expert advice and complete confidentiality.
  • A plan with next steps.

How does it work?

Check availability

Check available dates in the calendar and select the most convenient day and time.

Prepare for the meeting

Gather all the important information and find a quiet place for the meeting.

Chat with the psychologist

Voice all your thoughts and worries during a 50-minute video call.

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