Manage stress with Focusly

Learn deep relaxation techniques and stress relief methods. Use the app to build your mental and physical resistance and improve your self-confidence.

Talk to a psychologist

Analyze the mechanisms that make you tense. Understanding them is the first step towards freeing yourself from the bothersome stress symptoms such as:

  •  insomnia and eating disorders
  •  headaches, back and shoulder pain
  •  chronic fatigue and lack of energy to act

Choose thematic books

Learn about stress from a different perspective! Choose thematic e-books and audio books on Legimi and stay on top of the latest scientific discoveries and daily stress management methods.

Take a break from stress with a book!

Here, you will find Polish and foreign bestsellers in the form of e-books and audio books.

Clear your mind of stress

Do you have the feeling that life is rushing and slipping away?

It’s time to stop and learn how to relax deeply. Start a yoga practice and find some time for mindfulness


  • relaxation technique
  • mindfulness sessions
  • mental reset


  • body awareness
  • spiritual harmony
  • classes for everyone

Ready, set, go for physical activity

Do you know that practicing sports is essential for tackling chronic stress? Exercise stimulates the secretion of endorphins, known as the ‘happy hormones’, while reducing the levels of cortisol, or the ‘stress hormone’.

Online workouts

Reclaim your life from stress in no time! Among other highlights, the platform features: Special sets of stress relief exercises. 

Breathing course

Take a breathing reeducation course based on the Buteyko method and learn to breathe in harmony with your body and mind.