Many services, one price

Available services

E-books and audiobooks

250,000 e-books and audiobooks as well as unlimited access to all items in the library subscription. Read more and more often, at the time and place of your choice.

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Develop comprehensively

Learn from the best business practitioners and experts in relationship building. More than 800 episodes in 9 categories. New videos every 2 weeks.

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Communicate without barriers

10 foreign languages of your choice await you, with a certificate after each completed course.

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Immerse yourself in languages

Five languages in which you can completely immerse yourself thanks to fully personalized courses.

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Become a negotiating master

Learn effective negotiation techniques and achieve your goals. Join a course led by a certified business negotiator.

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Go to the cinema

Once every 2 months get a ticket and watch the film in one of 230 cinemas across Poland.

Learn self-discipline

Dive into the pool of knowledge shared by Sebastian Kotów, an experienced business psychologist. Watch the course and learn ways to take control of your life.

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Find your motivation

Get inspired to make profound improvements to your life. Watch Sebastian Kotow's original course and learn how to keep your motivation going.

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Main areas of MultiLife
MultiLife consists of four main areas where you will find specific courses, workshops and a broad range of services and mobile applications.
Consultations with a psychologist
Focusly - mindfulness app
GO ON - music app
Courses library
Preventive health check-ups
Telemedi - internal medicine doctor
Consultations with a trainer
Yes2Move - online exercises
NextBike - city bike
Courses library
MultiLife Diet - diet creator
Consultations with a dietician
Courses library
ESKK - language courses
Youniversity - professional and personal development courses
Legimi - e-books and audiobooks
Lerni - language courses
Consultations with a financial coach
Consultations with a language teacher
Courses library