With Lerni, you get:

Unlimited access to all multimedia materials and courses. One package and six courses? That sounds good! Lerni focuses also on:

  • Personalization

Enough with the boredom! It's time for a course that will truly engage you - thanks to a specially developed method of personalizing learning!

  • Diversity

Reading, listening, grammar, picture descriptions, and 850 multimedia lessons – all prepared by international specialists!

  • Certificates

After completing each course, you will receive a certificate confirming your skills!

Choose a language and level!

Lerni offers courses in five languages, precisely tailored to your needs. You can simultaneously learn advanced business English and basic French.

  • English - over 350 multimedia lessons (A1-B2)
  • Spanish - almost 200 multimedia lessons (A1-B2)
  • German - almost 200 multimedia lessons (A1-B1)
  • French - almost 90 multimedia lessons (A1-B1)
  • Italian - almost 90 multimedia lessons (A1-A2)
  • Business English - over 90 multimedia lessons (advanced)

Why Lerni?

There are many reasons why 700,000 people have already chosen Lerni. Here, no one gets bored, because the idea is that learning must be enjoyable above all! And as a result – effective! Thanks to Lerni materials, you will completely immerse yourself in the language! Lerni is:

  • Trusted by over 500 universities and schools using the application,
  • Have over 700,000 users,
  • Offers 5 language courses under one access,
  • Individual study plan,
  • Certificate of language proficiency level,
  • The only team in Poland creating MEN-accredited online courses.

How does it work?

Go to Lerni website

Go to the dedicated Lerni website and create an account.

Enter the code

Enter the code generated by MultiLife.

Choose language and level

Choose the language and level that interests you. At any time, you can easily switch between courses.

Start learning!

Enjoy a fully personalized course!

Frequently Asked Questions

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