Effective rest - 15 rules

You have been dreaming of your holiday all year. You have hoped that you will regain your strength and be ready to face the hustle and bustle again. So, why do so many of us not feel rested when we return from our holiday? What do we make wrong? How to use our holiday to really recharge?

Anna Daria Nowicka

Why aren’t we able to regenerate during our holiday?

If we don’t get enough sleep, tend to work overtime and are in constant stress almost every day during the rest of the year, even two weeks of holiday leave may not be enough for us to fully recover. It will not be enough to recover in physical and mental terms. Unfortunately, very often we mobilise ourselves to get as much done as possible and burn the candle at both ends.

As a consequence, we are exhausted; when our long-awaited holiday leave is about to begin, our body is so tired that it needs to react. That is why so many people show cold-like symptoms, have digestive problems, sleep disorders, migraines or neuralgia on the first days of their holiday leaves.

Our body needs time to slow down and for the stress hormones to go down. If we start our long-awaited holiday leave with an illness, it’s only natural that our frustration will go up. Especially if we have spent a lot of money on the holiday and we know that we won’t be able to afford another one any time soon.

We all differ in terms of mental- and physical resilience, and we have different tolerance to lack of sleep, being under pressure, working in poor physical- or mental conditions. Thus, we have different needs when it comes to the amount and type of rest we require to recharge. How to do it?