How to use holiday time to better understand yourself?

Holiday is a time of relaxation and idyll. We finally have the time to listen to our inner voice. However, it happens that this is exactly when inconvenient facts reach us and the problems swept under the carpet start to come out. Anxiety, workaholism, professional burnout, social media addiction, loss of closeness in relationships and even contact with one’s own emotions. How do use your holiday time to better understand yourself and face problems constructively?

Anna Daria Nowicka

Every day is filled with professional and family responsibilities. In the daily rush, we have little time for self-reflection and listening to our inner voice. Fixed hours for working and doing other activities, picking up children from the kindergarten – all this creates a framework within which we function. It is then easier to push problems away, drown out emotions and keep unpleasant information out of our lives, relationships, work and ourselves.

Holiday throws us out of our routine. Suddenly we have to create the framework of the day from scratch. At the same time, freedom from daily chores means that decisions must be made. What are we going to do? With whom? Am I sure I will make a good choice? There are so many holiday attractions at your fingertips, yet it’s impossible to take advantage of them all! For some, the very need to answer these questions causes anxiety. Sometimes panic attacks unrelated to any specific event can occur during the holidays: being pulled out of the daily routine and having “too much time to think” cause previously suppressed negative emotions and repressed fears to “take command”.

Don’t drown out your inner voice! 

Escaping into action is one form of disconnecting from one’s own emotions, desires and self-consciousness. However, it is a self-destructive method! Sooner or later repressed thoughts, emotions, fears and problems will hit even harder. Worse, this often manifests itself as psychosomatic illnesses. Isolating yourself from your inner self prevents you from being the director of your own life. You let others direct you. You are unable to plan wisely your own goals and how to achieve them, because you don’t even know what you really want.

Holiday is the perfect time to think about how you want to plan for the next year

What are you going to change, experience, learn? I am often visited for career coaching sessions by clients who, while on holiday, realised how unhappy they were at work and didn’t want to return to it. It happens that when the pain, stomach ailments or allergies that bother them every day disappear during the holiday, they realise that their source is a toxic situation in the company, mobbing, working beyond their means, professional burnout or simply a mismatch between their current job and their current needs or psychophysical capabilities.