Sport Is Not Only Health – How to Use Physical Activity for the Good of the Company

Sports and office work? Many managers and employees themselves will immediately associate it with benefits such as the MultiSport card. Absolutely right, but this is just one of the many tools a company can use to promote physical activity. Why is it important to address this topic at all?

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the current physical condition of office workers in Poland?
  • How does physical activity of employees translate into company performance?
  • How can a company support employees’ physical activity?

The said sports card ranks as one of the most desirable benefits for as many as 63 percent of employees, as evidenced by Benefit Systems’ report from a 2022 survey by Kantar and Minds&Roses [1]. However, employees’ physical activity has a much greater role and its impact on the company far outweighs the teams’ satisfaction with the benefits they receive.

But before answering the question of how sports can affect a company, let’s take a look at the situation we are currently in.

Physical activity of Poles 2022/2023

As the said report shows, the pandemic years have definitely had a negative impact on our physical condition. Employees surveyed reported problems with deteriorating physical fitness (28 percent), back pain (24 percent) or weight gain (23 percent). No wonder, we have neglected physical fitness in recent years. And although we are no longer confined to our homes, it still has not returned to its pre-pandemic state.

The survey Sponsoring Monitor 2022 by ARC Rynek i Opinia from January 2023 showed that the percentage of physically active people in 2022 was 10 percentage points lower than in 2019! Before that, the percentage of active people had been growing steadily – in a decade (2009-2019) it increased from 24 to 74 percent! [2]

Did you know that... even “active” Poles are still people who exercise far too little? The latest MultiSport Index 2023 Report reveals that as many as 64 percent of respondents who report occasional walking as their only activity are convinced that this is a “completely sufficient” amount of sport.

Unfortunately, the effects of too little activity, if only in the form of pain, are still with us. No wonder that as many as 47 percent of employees expect employers to increase their commitment to supporting physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Listening to these expectations is crucial in this case. After all, a good shape of employees translates into good shape of the entire company.