What is the Diet Creator?

With just a few clicks, our Diet Creator allows you to create your own individual diet that suits your lifestyle and needs. Take the first step to jumpstart a healthy change in your life today.

Key features

With the Diet Creator you have unlimited access to an online platform where you can plan your own nutritious meals and talk to our dietitians.

  • Healthy meal recipes
  • Auto-generated shopping list

Be in control

Track your goals and analyze progress based on data on charts. You can adjust every recipe based on your or your family’s food preferences, budget and schedule.

  • Track progress
  • Exchange meals
  • Cook for your family
  • Achieve goals

How does it work?

Create your own diet or choose a ready meal plan – you can exchange any meal you want.

Log in

Log in to the MultiLife Diet, use your access data to MultiLife.

Adjust the menu

Choose goals and type of diet. You can use a ready plan or create your own personalized diet just as you like.

Eat what you want

Add, change, set your goal, and exclude the meals that you don't like or can't eat.

Frequently asked questions

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