What are the ways to encourage employees to take care of their health during the summer vacation?

The modern world poses many challenges to employees, such as maintaining a balance between private and professional life. One of the reasons for this may be that employees fail to take full advantage of their summer time off because of pressure from work and professional obligations. It’s time to change it.

Rest and free time are extremely important for well-being and both mental and physical health. Consequently, there’s a need develop strategies encouraging employees to use their leisure time effectively and look after their health during their vacation. What are the ways to achieve this? Check them out below.

Leisure time – an essential component of health and performance

Studies show that leisure time and vacations are important not only for the physical and mental well-being of employees, but also for enhancing their productivity and work performance. According to research by de Bloom, Geurts and Kompier (2012), people who regularly take vacations are more satisfied with their lives and less likely to suffer from heart conditions. In addition, studies conducted by Brough, O'Driscoll and Kalliath (2005) suggest that taking full advantage of vacation time may contribute to stress reduction in employees, which has a beneficial impact on their health and well-being.

It’s important to note that healthy and satisfied employees are more productive at work, which is good for the business. As Shao and Skarlicki (2019) report, employees who feel supported when taking a vacation are more committed to their work and more eager to make extra efforts that contribute to their organization’s goals.

It seems that encouraging employees to look after their health and well-being during their summer time off ultimately benefits both them and the entire company.

Vacation as a priority

Summer vacation is a key element of working life, and its importance shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s essential for maintaining mental balance and recharging batteries. After an invigorating vacation employees come back to work feeling refreshed and motivated. So there’s a clear benefit in encouraging staff to take time off in the summer, and in highlighting that everyone is entitled to a vacation. To make it easier for team members to take days off, give them flexibility, so that they can plan out their vacation to suit their needs.