MultiLife programmes

Achieving life goals is difficult without the right knowledge. That is why we have created 7 thematic programmes which will provide you with expert support on your road to well-being. Get to know them!

Many services, one price


With MultiLife, you have access to more than a dozen self-development services to help you function better in your daily life.


Ensure yourself inner peace and build your self-confidence. Unwind and just be “here and now”.

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Listen to good music

Listen to ad-free music wherever and whenever you want. Discover ready playlists for a specific mood and different occasions.

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Get tested regularly

Choose from among 10 packages of preventive health check-ups. Prevention is definitely better than cure.

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Consult online with doctors

Make an online appointments with an internal medicine doctor and obesity treatment specialist.

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Take care of your shape

Choose from more than 1,100 different workouts with professional instructors, from the best clubs in Poland.

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Get on the bike

Hit the road for a 60-minute ride, every day, in more than 20 cities across the country.

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Get a taste for healthy diet

Compose meals based on 16 individual diet plans and get more energy.

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Broaden your horizons

250,000 e-books and audiobooks as well as unlimited access to all items. Read more and more often, at the time and place of your choice.

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Develop comprehensively

Learn from the best business practitioners and experts in relationship building. More than 800 episodes in 9 categories. New videos every 2 weeks.

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Communicate without barriers

10 foreign languages of your choice await you, with a certificate after each completed course.

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Immerse yourself in languages

Five languages in which you can completely immerse yourself thanks to fully personalized courses.

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Expert consultations

With Multilife, you can schedule consultations with various experts who can help you change your lifestyle to a more harmonious and fulfilling one.


Take advantage of 50-minute online consultations and let us support you in the most important areas of your life.


Get free advice and personalised diet tips to change your eating habits for the better.

Personal trainer

Take part in 30-minute consultations that will show you specific solutions and help you achieve your goals.

Financial coach

Take care of your financial peace during a 30-minute consultation with an entrepreneurship expert.

Language teacher

Take advantage of a 45-minute, individual online consultation and take your language skills to a higher level.


Weronika Sierant-Wieczorek
She will help you overcome stress, racing thoughts and crises.


Anna Miszczyk
She will motivate you into working out to support your healthy diet.

Personal trainer

Jonatan Szufa
He will tailor the menu to your needs and training plan.

Financial coach

Dominika Nawrocka
I will help you learn how to manage your money.

Language teacher

Jan Guerquin
Overcome the language barrier with me and you will achieve success at work!

Courses, articles, podcasts...

With MultiLife, you can enjoy hundreds of materials provided by top well-being experts.

Mindfulness course

Get to know mindfulness training so that you learn to let go of everything that gets in the way of your life satisfaction.

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Yoga essentials

Join a course that will help you master the 24 most important asanas and gain greater awareness of your body.

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Breathing re-education

Take a course based on the Buteyko method and learn techniques for optimal breathing that reduces stress and supports health on a daily basis.

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Main areas of MultiLife
MultiLife consists of four main areas where you will find specific courses, workshops and a broad range of services and mobile applications.
Consultations with a psychologist
Focusly - mindfulness app
GO ON - music app
Courses library
Preventive health check-ups
Telemedi - internal medicine doctor
Consultations with a trainer
Yes2Move - online exercises
NextBike - city bike
Courses library
MultiLife Diet - diet creator
Consultations with a dietician
Courses library
ESKK - language courses
Youniversity - professional and personal development courses
Legimi - e-books and audiobooks
Lerni - language courses
Consultations with a financial coach
Consultations with a language teacher
Courses library

How to order MultiLife?

If you want to start using MultiLife services, just let your employer know about it.

Notify your employer

To order MultiLife, get in touch with the HR department in your company.

Receive an e-mail

We will send you an e-mail with details about MultiLife and a link to create an account.

Create an account

Click on the link in the e-mail and create an account with your MultiLife number.

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